welcome to the 2021 season

 It looks that most of the seasonals are settled in ( The Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will join us soon ) with this summer weather 

I first like to apologize for the grass we are a little behind but hopefully, we will catch up soon.

All the covid precautions are still in place as of last year the only thing that chance it the mask is mandatory to go in any building; Store, Rec hall, Office  laundromat Washrooms etc and if you are in 6 feet of the other person  be safe  so we can have a awsome summer  hand sanitizer is in place at all the public places

We working hard to get the Water Zone open ( planning to open June 14 weekdays from 10 am -6 pm and Fridays and Saturdays till 8 pm if weather permits will be close if raining ) full open June 25

Washroom 4 is open and all others will open June 25

Laundrymat and washers behind washroom 2 are open for use 24 hours a day

Security is there from 9 pm -5 am Daily  and starting June 25  24 hours a day

The store will open June 14 – 10 am -6 pm till June 25  and then open from 8 am till 10 pm daily

Rec program Starts on June 25

The office is open from 9 am -9 pm daily

Playgrounds rubber will be in place the next couple weeks

 Anyone that likes to have a look at the inside of the  chuckwagons on Sunday, June 12 at 3 pm I will be there



This year we have more golf carts on the property it increases every year, to continue to allow them at Marco polo

 Please Follow all the Rules!!

# You have to have your  site number on the golf card 

# no underage driving 

#  if you don’t have any lights don’t drive it in the dark

# Dont have kids/adults  hanging off the side  …..have no more people on the golf card than there are seats 

# Please don’t drink and drive 

# Have normal speed  and don’t use it as a toy but as a safe transportation 

Please help us with this   we don’t have eyes everywhere

so  if we see someone not following the rules tell them it is in everyone interest to have a safe park  and that we can have a golf card  for safe transportation at  Marco polo with no issue 

 Internet is all through pro- date the free wifi and the paying one please contact them if you have any issue.

Marco polo also still has the Eastlink hotspot in place at The Galley, Security, and Office with the password “eastlink “if you need to download etc they are there for you


Visitors will be allowed this summer but we are limited on this if you have someone that visitors you please let them now in the security booth so when they come they can let them in will not allow surprise visitors this summer.

If you have a family get-together or a birthday party please send me a email with the amount of people that you expected and their names so i can approve it if I can. this will  dependence on the day how many people are already  in the park

You are not   able to do this through the security booth  only by emailing hennie@marcopololand.com


If there is any question or concern please drop me an email at hennie@marcopololand.com or my cell is 902-940-2525

Hope we all have an awesome summer at Marco polo land

Hennie hoekstra