some update 2022/2023 season

 Hopefully, everyone enjoying their summer  it bins a  very busy summer for us  this year,
We had more issues with the covid lots of staff got it this summer making it for some interesting weeks say the least but with the help from so many staff cover shifts for each other and seasonals helped out amazing 
something that I am personally very proud of to have those people working and staying in our park 
  Just a reminder to everyone that the deposit and form  for 2023 seasonal lots are due August 15, 2022
We having some issues with golf carts this summer instead of banding right away from Marco polo land
We came up with a ” registration form “that everyone has to fill out if they want to drive it at the campground.
The form is on this post and on the website and you can get them also at security.
when the form is complete security will give you proof of registration
The golf cart has to be insured through your personal liability, or add to your car insurance
This policy must include wording to exclude the campground of any liability caused by your golf cart.
you will have till August 20 to do so
I get a lot of emails and messages about the golf cart registration form it is the same idea as we do when you store the trailer for the winter at our park your trailer need to be insurance etc
maybe this clears some question
The reason for the insurance is there are so many that don’t follow the rules and there are big safety issues with this like kids driving babies on their lap too many on the cart etc
They maybe think that are different rules on the campground don’t now!!! but no it is the same as wearing helmets on bikes it is the law but we have issues with this also every day
it is a very big liability for Marco if ever something happens;
We are no police but trying harder to keep everyone as safe as possible security doesn’t can see everything and it is too hard to police everything but we are trying
it is just to put the liability back on the people driving the golf card, not on Marco polo
some didn’t have insurance on their golf cart and ask where to get it you can add it to your home insurance liability insurance trailer insurance every company is different
we don’t check the insurance policy we just want everyone to be safe and take the responsibility for it.
 if there is anything that you like us to know please send us an email all feedback helps us make the park more enjoyable at