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This is just a reminder for all seasonals and the moving company that all trailers have to be off-site no later than Monday 9 October the gate by security will be closing on Monday night at 8 pm for the season and all trailers have to be off-site by then.

Welcome back

 Welcome back to hopefully another beautiful summer hopefully the cold and rainy days are past us, It bins a very busy spring for use with a new office that is in place next to the store The office is open daily from 9 am -9 pm till June 23   and then the office is open […]

Removal of seasonal trailers

We know everyone is busy after Fiona, but we like to finish getting all the trees removed from the park that didn’t make it, but there are many trailers in the way we don’t want to risk of hiding the trailers if it is possible if everyone can remove their trailers this weekend coming  that […]


      50/50 draw                                                     was  $731,- number 5485294 In total, we collected $8500,- for Camp care Thanks to everyone that bought tickets for the 2022 season and a big […]

some update 2022/2023 season

 Hopefully, everyone enjoying their summer  it bins a  very busy summer for us  this year, We had more issues with the covid lots of staff got it this summer making it for some interesting weeks say the least but with the help from so many staff cover shifts for each other and seasonals helped out […]

2022 information for Seasonals

Hopefully, everyone had a great summer and was able to enjoy the park …We had a beautiful June cold July and a hot August hopefully a beautiful fall we are very please with how the season went so far we bin busy… This weekend the end of valentine week Saturday night light show with josh […]