june 23 2020

We just got our 3 weeks in for the 2020 season

I think we never had so nicer weather in June with the kids not bin in school it nice to see everyone  around


   Marco Polo Land Campers, Cavendish, PEI    puppy show   Farm Day - Marco Polo Land

Dianne and Susan (Abby and Chantal )will be in the main office from 9-9 daily only by phone  902-963-2352 ext 1

Abby our Chantal will be at the booth doing check-in daily from 12 -8 pm  902-963-2352 ext 227


A couple of reminders please tell your kids to use the hand sanitizer before and after they play on the playground, jumping pillow, outdoor equipment, using one of the washroom facilities there is 25 hand sanitizer around the park for everyone to use.


also, we got some complains that kids are driving the golf cart special in the backfield this is not allowed at all please don’t let the kids use the golf cart without an adult driving.

We understand that kids are not in the normal routine the last couple month, we understand that it sometimes hard to keep them busy we adapted the rec program with the stuff that we allowed to organize on this moment there are some sign-up sheets   hopefully, we can due to more different stuff when they easing off with the regulation on the moment we are not allowed live music karaoke, poker, fireworks, chocolate bingo, hayrides, movies, dances, etc  Rebecca and Natalie are doing there best to do what they can on the moment.

Activities for June 22
9am- Arts and Crafts(sign up in rec hall)🖍
10:30am- Arts and Crafts(sign up in rec hall)🖍
3pm- Slip and Slide (behind rec hall)💧
5pm- Tie dye ($, sign up in rec hall)
7pm- Street hockey (meet at the rink)🏒
8:45pm- Photo scavenger hunt📱(meet outside rec hall) Your group will need a camera, phone, tablet or ipod to take photos of things.

Activities for June 23
9am- Arts and Crafts(sign up in rec hall)🖍
10:30am- Arts and Crafts(sign up in rec hall)🖍
3pm- Make your own stuffed animal 🐻 ($25)
5pm – Mud shirts ($, sign up in rec hall)
7pm- Life-size Foosball⚽️
8:30pm- Volleyball🏐


The water zone is open daily from 10 am till 9 pm  you have to sign in at the water zone ( kids under 12 have to have adults with them and can not sign in them self )



Visitors are allowed at Marco polo land but they have to sign in at the both

if you have people visiting you make sure that they know your site number

there are some people asking if visitors can use the facilities when they are at Marco, like the water zone they can but you have to be with them and you are responsible for them they are your guest, not Marco polo lands 


New at Marco Propain exchange at the both $25,-



Take out is change this year a little no game in site this year but still, delicious food and ice cream  We have now the window to order your ice cream and your take out meals  Corrie and this team will be their Daily to serve you starting Friday from 12 -8 pm this summer   you can order in by calling   902-963-2352 ext 226

   Ship - Marco Polo Land, PEI


Satellite tv

#no contract

#2 month free movies

Start at $24,95 per month

please call Buddy at 506-210-1020 our email artjr@bellalaiant.net  he gets you all setup


The store is open daily from 8 am – 10 pm.

Joan , Natasha Rebecca can be reads 902-963-2352 ext 225


The cabin is there for rent and in July the Inn will open

     Historic Inn - Marco Polo Land



I( Hennie )will be in my home office this summer anyone needs me my cell is 902-940-2525 or email hennie@marcopololand.com