Halloween night 22 august 2020


Due to the COVID-19, we cannot do our normal Halloween night at Marco polo land

We know that many kids and adults looking forward to this every year

We came up with the following   plan, the campground will be split into section and  one person in charge of  each section to  go to there site to sign up and /or drop off your treats

sign up can be done on Thursday evening August 2o  from 7-9 Friday, August  21 from 7-9   our Saturday morning  9 till 1 pm the day of Halloween 22 August.

Each leader will have a sign-up sheet on their picnic table and a bag to drop off the treats.

We will allow 50 kids per group if your group is full  not to worry  as we have an overflow group with Natalie and you can sign up at the rec hall

Every section of the park will have a prize for the best-decorated site in their section  and another price  for the best-dressed person

On Saturday 22 august each group will have their own Halloween party /games  and event s and there treats etc  from 7 pm till 830 pm ( for the location see your group details )

group 1  Marsha Leblanc on  site 135 ( event in the playground at the middle of that field)

site number, 166A

group 2 Barb hickey on site 219 ( event at the playground at the water zone fields)

site numbers

group 3 Ann Lund on site 269 ( event at the playground in the backfield )

site numbers

group 4 Jillian  Affleck on site 464 ( at the soccer field)

site number


Group 5 Margaret Simpson on sit 39 ( at the play ground) 

site number

Group 6 Darlene ford  on site 485 ( beside the old fishpond  grass field by 508,527 )

site numbers

In accordance with the rules put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we ask parents/guardians to take and inform your kids on proper social distancing practices.we will also be sanitizing all treats and monitoring  to make sure we are following the strict policies  that put in place