Getting ready for the upcoming season

 Hope that you all had a great winter even if it was a different one but we are so glad to live in the Maritimes there are so many countries, province that our so much worst of then we are.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great summer

Seasonals are allowed to set up the long weekend in May we are hoping to open May 31

 Dianne is in her home  office on weekdays  from 8 am -5 pm 902-963-2352 on till the office will open May 31  from 9 am – 9 pm for the summer our send her an email

 Seasonals are allowed to get “the island  gift card “there is just a limit amount  that we can get don’t wait too long to get them  Dianne can add them to your seasonal  for more info see on the website under packages 

Special Events in 2021

At the moment is a little hard to plan stuff for the 2021 season when it is still unsure what will happen with the covid -19 and what restriction will be in place
if everything goes to plan for the 2021 season
Summer Theme Weeks 2021
June 27–3 Canada week
July 4-10 Cavendish week
July 11-17 Christmas week
July 18-24 Easter week
July 25-July 31 Pirate week
August 1-7 Farm week
August 8-15 Disney week
August 15-22 Halloween week
August 23-29 Valentine week
August 30-sept 5 Family week
 we plan on having an activity every evening  outside the regaler rec program
                                       wash and toss every Monday evening ( family activities) weekly prices and season competition  with Kevin Glant
                                      crib every Tuesday evening ( 19 + event)
                                     chocolate bingo every Wednesday evening ( family activity )
                                      poker every Thursday night( 19+ event)
                                      live music every Friday night ( FAMILY ACTIVITY )
                                      karaoke every Saturday night  (19+ event)
 fireworks  for August 14 and  September 4 
Due to many requests this year, Marco polo Land will be offering year-end trips for island schools With full access to all our amenities including a water zone, 6 playgrounds, bouncy pillows, hockey rink, soccer field, a restaurant where we can offer lunch options, and many more. We can offer this from June 14-25 the fee is $38,- plus tax a site and we allow 6 students per site.
For booking your group please call weekdays from 8 am -4 pm 902-963-2352 our email

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Bell TV 2021 Campground /cottage offer

New Brunswick –Nova Scotia- PEI now have a 2-year commitment for the free install, everything else remains the same;
• Free install
• 1 PVR included- additional receiver $8, additional PVR $15
• $13 off a month
• Movies free for 2 months
• Good is $49.45 after discount
• Starter plus any 10 channels (you choose) $44.95
• Starter ($24.95) package does qualify for the offer. Channels in starter; CBC, CTV, Global, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and the Weather Network.
The 2 yr. commitment works as follows:
• At the end of the season the account can be put on hold for a max of 6 months, Bell will automatically restart the account in 6 months even if you are not ready to use the account
• The customer will continue to receive their discounts in the second season. PVR is free in the second year.
• The time the account is on hold counts towards the 2 years, so you are committing to 2 season term to get a totally free install.
• There is a one-time charge of $49 to put the account on hold
• The PVR included remains free over the winter, but the rent on extra receivers is still paid by the customer
• If the customer cancels in the first year there is a one-time charge of $150, if they cancel in the second year the fee is $75.
• No term accounts are charged a onetime install fee of $209
• If your dish requires a service call in year 2 (due to weather etc.) Bell will charge a $75 service call
• Contact # for Bell TV to put the account on hold etc. 1-866-310-2355