Cavendish Beach Music Festival

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2021

For more info or reservations  902-963-2352 


Rules For 2021 CBMF Bookings

  • $453.75 per site (taxes in) due at time of booking

  • $628.75 per room in the Inn (taxes in) due at time of booking

  • Camping and Inn are July 8th (Thursday) to 12th (Monday) 4 nights

  • the cabin has all different dates please call for more information 

  • 4 people per site; absolutely NO exceptions. For the Inn, 5 rooms sleep only 2. Ellis’s room sleeps 4. Cabins can have up to the number of people that they can sleep with. Chilliwack and Chalet cabins sleep 6.  Deluxe cabins sleep 8.

  • No refunds offered.

  • Water park, rec program, and jumping pillow will be closed July 8-12

  • We do not allow tents on trailer sites.

  • *If rules are broken, ALL those registered to the site will be refused future bookings.

Bus Service

Trius Tours will have buses going between Marco Polo Land and the concert site.

They start an hour before the concert and stop after everyone is back in the evening.

The buses will run back and forth the whole day.

A 1-day pass is $15/per person, 3 Day pass is $35/person

    Bracelets are for sale in the office

trius tour bus

Don’t be a Party Pooper

  • We like for everyone to have a good time, but don’t annoy others.
  • Have your bracelet on at all times when you are at Marco Polo Land. Do not sell bracelets!
  • No drinking alcohol off your campsite and no walking from site to site with open alcohol. Do not drink and drive!
  • Have no extreme noise on your site. Turn the radio down so your neighbor doesn’t have to listen to it.
  • Respect the property that you are on and the property of other campers.
  • Keep the campsites clean. Bring garbage to the bins.
  • Respect others and especially respect quiet time. There are people who like to sleep after a long day at the concert.
  • No public urination. Use the washrooms provided.
  • Any drugs, recreational drugs are not permitted on this private property and will be directly removed.

We will enforce the rules ……

If any of these rules are not followed, you will be removed from your site and there will be no refunds.