seasonal reminder to confirm there site for 2018 season

 Hope that everyone had a great season and enjoyed them self,  Marco polo land had a great season lots of people around and we are ready planning stuff for the 2018 season if anyone has ideas to make your stay even enjoyable please share that with us at the moment we are upgrading washroom 1  hope that we have […]

Cbmf 2018 Cavendish Country Music Concert 2018 July 5- 11 2018

 We are booking for the Cavendish concert weekend for the next year 2018. We have a  only 21 site all no service (from the 602 site.)                       5 cabins   left (from the 12  cabins)              and 1  room in […]


DON’T FORGET OUR FUN FILLED FAMILY WEEKEND!!! Friday, 1 September 9am-1pm – Arts & Crafts 5pm – Tie Dye (in Rec Hall)              *Sign up in the rec hall Mon.-Sat between 9am-1pm               Bandana – $4                Hat […]

This weekend August 11 -13

 lots going on  this weekend and campground is full,  Tonight Friday 11 August hayride at 6 pm and bubble soccer at the soccer field, for the adults tonight Cards  ( poker ) in The Galley 19+ at 730  and Allison Blacquer is playing out door stage from 830 till 10 pm. Tomorrow Saturday 12 August craft with Rebecca from 9-1 […]

Cavendish Country Music Concert 2018 July 5- 11 2018

We are booking for the Cavendish concert weekend for the next year 2018. We have a couple site left to book for next year .these ones are open to the public now to book … they booking up  fast they will be gone  very soon  on this moment there are 6 3 way left for […]

Paint Nite – Saturday, July 29!!

Don’t forget about Paint Nite with Peter this Saturday! What a beautiful scene to paint. 19+ Event!! Saturday, July 29 (Campfire) 6:30pm – 9:30pm in The Galley Restaurant For tickets, visit  

Recreation Schedule July 17-22

Monday, July 17 9am to 1pm – Arts & Crafts 6pm – Hayride 7pm – Bubble Soccer Dark (9:30pm-ish) – Capture the flag / Kid’s choice   Tuesday, July 18 9am to 1pm – Arts & Crafts 3pm – Frisbee (by volleyball court) 4pm – Volleyball (court beside rec hall) 4:45pm – Basketball 6pm – Hayride 7pm – […]

July 13 -July 22 activities at Marco polo Land

 Tune in to our  own radio station  Marco Polo land radio at 101.7 fm for are daily news and update “what is going on at the park ” facebook :b-day,Anniversary,Announcement etc to facebook pg                                           […]

Craft Fair

Come join us on Saturday, July 22nd from 9am – 3pm for a craft fair! It will be inside the recreation hall, with lots of local crafters, artists and artisans to support. Contact Kristy Hambly at or Jana Shaw at for more information.  

Cavendish Music Festival

Don’t be a Party Pooper  Enjoy your weekend have fun  and be safe, please We like that everyone has a good time, but don’t be annoying to someone else. Have your bracelet on at all times when you are at Marco Polo Land. No drinking alcohol off your campsite and no walking from site to […]