Registered 2015 Water Safety Day Camp Participants will recieve $10 off your next Family visit to Shining Waters Family Fun Park Qualified camp instructors offer fun, informative programming to help kids become stronger swimmers and learn life-saving water safety skills. Our day camps promote healthy living and are tailored to the age and ability levels of participants.

Day Camp Programs

Children with oars in the water at a Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Day CampRed Cross Junior Swimming Lessons

Participants have the potential to move up one level in their swimming ability. Red Cross Swim materials are used and emphasize the importance of staying safe on, around, and in the water. Swimming levels offered are Swim Kids 1 to 10.

Red Cross  Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC)   (ages 5-9)

The Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) is for children ages 5-9. This program engages children in a safe and meaningful        outdoor learning experience where participants are exposed to general outdoor skills, based on health, safety, and the environment around them. Each module has various activities are based on developing life skills, making connections, exercise, and safety scenarios. These skills are developed through interactive learning, activities, and play. The children leave camp with a basic foundation of environmental stewardship, safety in and around the water, and healthy living.

Children with lifejackets at a Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Day CampRed Cross Small Water Craft Program (ages 9-13)

The Small Water Craft program’s aim is to promote boating safety knowledge and skill level through small craft and water-related activities. The program includes Basic Boating Safety, Small Craft Safety Survival, Canoe Level 1, Canoe Level 2, Rowing Level 1 and Rowing Level 2 for children ages 9 to 13. The main requirement to enter the boating program is a strong level 4 swimming certificate. Participants learn basic knot tying skills, canoe rescue procedures, safety huddles, and more.

Youth Volunteer Work Experience

We are offering an exciting youth volunteer experience for the summer! We are looking for youth ages 13-15 who are interested in volunteering their time during our various Water Safety Day Camps. We need your help to make our program a success! For more information or if you know anyone who may be interested, please contact Red Cross at 628-6262 ext 4.