Season closed October 1 for Seasonal

Hi  reminder to all; The season is over for the Seasonals  October 1, 2019,

 There are some people that contact me and make arrangements but; As of today October 3  there are many trailers still on-site and decks and other stuff on people seasonal site please remove them so we can repair the park for the winter.

(we also  have some extra work ahead of us,  we still have some cleanup and cutting down some more tree result of the hurricane)

Justin from Hambly finishes today moving the trailers and decks of the lots that he has on his list.

We notice that are many more to come off the site ……please make sure that everything is removed ( including firewood, garbage etc) from your site no later than October 5

There will be extra charges if not removed by then !!!!!

Harm will not move decks, trailers please contact one of the companies like Toy master, hamblys, pine acres etc  also there is one seasonal that will due it, his name is  Andrew Jameson his contact info is 902-626-8994

Also, make sure that your seasonal deposits are paid and paperwork is filled in for 2020. After this weekend the site that doesn’t have the deposit on it /our paperwork filled in we will exhume that they are not returning for the 2020 season.

Thank everyone for a great season have a great winter and see you guys hopefully in the spring

Hennie Hoekstra