2019 fall Season

The season is coming to an end but not all over yet, Hopefully, we will   have a couple of nice weeks  this fall, We will try to open the water zone if weather permitting  Friday around 5 till dusk and Saturday and Sunday till around 5 pm. and maybe we will even put a karaoke night together.

Hope that Everyone enjoyed there season, it was a little stressful this year for us but we make it and know when we hear the kids laugh and run around in water zone it makes up for so much. We Harm and I like to thank so many of you guys that help us out to get it to finish and mean a lot to us and not to forget some of our amazing staff that work and work to make it all work ……

 Seasonal Deposit is Overdue the office will be open this week from 9 am till 9 pm for the ones that forgot !!!

Just a reminder to all seasonals,

We allow” visitors” as alway and don’t want to change this if we don’t have to ….. 

 if we have to change this it   means to have to register all visitors  and charge for visitors etc the same as lots of other parks due 

 Visitors are “not registered Guest” and not our ( Marco Polo Land ) responsibility. ( it is private property).

They have to be registered as a  guest  to use any facility or programmes in our private park

 Know special with the Water Zone: we had people using it without the seasonal percent in the water zone this is not allowed ….

They are the seasonal responsibility it there guests not Marco polo  …… 

 Also, a reminder to “clean” your site including firewood after you leave for the season and also remember Harm doesn’t move decks our trailers any more ( also not our staff)…..  There is a company like Hambly, pine acres, travellers rest that can due that for you ……