2018 season is coming to a end

 Hope everyone enjoyed there summer and make great memories. we good not ask for any nice weather in July and August….. but fall is here and winter is coming.

MarcoPolo Land  again had a great season  and looking forward   to 2019 season….. so as many of you guys now we are busy to a very big reno this fall, winter, spring  to the pools  we are still waiting for all the different approvals and permits it is a  very big undertaking  but hopefully we get it all done coming spring  we will posted updates on website and facebook

Just a couple friendly reminders :

# Payment for 2018 season our now overdue !!!! (please pay outstanding  account  by email transfer are on our online booking site)

with this new system it allows you to pay through the winter the email that you reserved with your reservation for 2019 it has a button it says “pay now” in green click on it and you can do payment when ever you want.

# Deposits for 2019 are also overdue ( if deposit not received by October 8 site will go to the one on the long waiting list )

# Please clean up the site including garbage, pips, sewer hose, wood etc   if not we will remove them for a $$$ at to you lot fee 


 Firewood delivered to your site for 2019  season make an arrangement with  Steve and  please contact  Osborne firewood  at  902-675-2416 our 902-394-1881 truckload of mixed firewood blocked and split $115 load

 Concert 2019 

Seasonals will not be able to get more bracelets then they have registration on the site for the season, We try to control it the last couple years but it is out of control now,

We don’t like to go this route but they don’t leave us with any other solution    There are too many that are   selling  seasonal bracelets and renting their trailer site out and are not registered trailer rentals  “this is illegal “

If you are thinking why do they not just get the ones that are renting out our selling bracelets …..before we were able to that and let the other still have a friend over but there are so many that it is out of control and we are not able on top of it.

They can pay a $150,- a person(tax in) for a bracelet to stay on your  seasonal site our get there own site for $353.75 for 4 people ( tax in )

 Here is the info Cavendish Beach Music Festival that on the website

Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2019

 for more info are like to book the office is open daily 9am-9pm 902-963-2352 

we have 12 cabins they are min stay of 6 night there are different dates please call for more info   they can sleep 4-8 people per cabin  they are $2418.75 tax in due on time of booking at time of check-in a $1000,- damage deposit will be taken.

opening from July 2-8 July 3-9 and July 4-10

Rules For 2019 CBMF Bookings

  • $353.75 per site (tax in ) due on time of booking
  • $628.75 per room in the Inn (tax in) due on time of booking
  • July 4th (Thursday) to 8th (Monday) 4 nights
  • 4 people per site; absolutely NO exceptions
  • No refunds offered
  • pools, rec program,, jumping pillow will be closed July 4 – 8
  • we don’t allow tent on trailer site.
  • *If rules are broken, ALL those registered to the site will be reused for future bookings.

Bus Service

Trius Tours will have buses going between Marco Polo Land and the concert.

They start an hour before the concert and stop after everyone is back in the evening.

The buses will run back and forth the whole day.

1 day pass is $15/per person, 3 Day pass is $35/person

    Bracelets are for sale in the office

trius tour bus

Don’t be a Party Pooper

  • We like that everyone has a good time, but don’t be annoying to someone else.
  • Have your bracelet on at all times when you are at Marco Polo Land. don’t sell bracelets ??
  • No drinking alcohol off your campsite and no walking from site to site with open alcohol. Do not drink and drive.
  • Have no extreme noise on your site. Turn the radio down so your neighbor doesn’t have to listen to it.
  • Respect the property that you are on and the property of other campers.
  • Keep the campsites clean. Bring garbage to the bins.
  • Respect others and especially respect quiet time. There are people who like to sleep after a whole day at the concert.
  • No public urination. Use the washrooms provided.
  • any drug, recreational drug is not permitted on this prived property and will be directly removed.

We will enforce the rules ……

If any of these rules are not followed, you will be removed from your site and there will be no refunds.