seasonal reminder to confirm there site for 2018 season

 Hope that everyone had a great season and enjoyed them self, 

Marco polo land had a great season lots of people around and we are ready planning stuff for the 2018 season if anyone has ideas to make your stay even enjoyable please share that with us at the moment we are upgrading washroom 1  hope that we have it ready when the 2018 season starts. and also we still trying to get a better solution to our internet problem we are still working on it  I know it some days very frustrated for our guest and believe me also for us the amount of time and money that we put in this but we will try to get it correct.

Just a reminder that wants to return next year as seasonal has to confirm their site for 2018 that was due August 15, 2017,

with the 100 deposit and fill in the paperwork. but we will give them until October 1, 2017, to do so otherwise they will be given away to one on our long waiting list.

There is  this year  well over 30 that didn’t confirm their site jet ?? are did not paid their balance from 2017 season jet

please do so prior to October 1, 2017,

The home office is open daily from 9 am until 9 pm thank you

Thank you.

Hennie Hoekstra

 marco phone number 902-963-2352