Treasure Chest ~ July 2nd

1PDF Copy of NewsletterSeasonal Committee Meeting – Galley Restaurant Sunday, July 5th @ 1:30pmCavendish Beach Music FestivalWe are in for a very exciting weekend as the massive CBMF starts next Thursday. There is lots going on, and although we have hired our own security we ask for everyone’s support as well as your help being our eyes & ears throughout the campground which is greatly appreciated. If you experience any issues please be sure to contact security at 902-963-2352 x4We ask that you be extra cautious while driving throughout the campground as concert goers may not be entirely aware of their surroundings, we also remind you that you are responsible for everyone on your site during this event. MarcoPolo Dairy Bar MenuCBMF Weekend Special ~ Chili, served with crackers & can of pop ~ $5.99The Galley Burger Platter ~ $10.99Hamburger Platter ~ $6.99 DLX $7.58Cheeseburger Platter ~ $7.99 DLX $8.58Bacon Cheeseburger Platter ~ $8.99 DLX $9.58Grilled Chicken Burger Platter ~ $9.99Breaded Chicken Burger Platter ~ $9.99Chicken Strip Platter ~$9.99Hot Dog Platter ~ $5.99Hot Chicken or Hot Hamburger Sandwich Platter ~ $8.99Sides & ThingsFrench Fries ~ Small $2.99, Lg. $3.99, Family $6.00Onion Rings ~ $4.99Mozza Sticks ~ $ 5.99Sweet Potato Fries ~ $5.99Poutine ~ $6.50Fries with the Works ~ $7.50Gravy ~ Small $.99, Lg. $1.99Dairy Bar Hours (CBMF Weekend Only) – Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday ~ 11am – 12am Capt. Kidd’s Hours (CBMF Weekend Only) – Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday ~ 11am – 12am July 4th & 11th @ 7pm All Ages Dance in Rec HallTheme Weeks Jun 28th – July 4th ~ Canada Week July 5th – 11th ~ Cavendish WeekJuly 12th – 18th ~ Christmas Week July 19th – 25th ~ Easter WeekJuly 26th – August 1st ~ Pirate Week August 2nd – 8th ~ Farm WeekAugust 9th – 15th ~ Halloween WeekAugust 16th – 22nd ~ Disney WeekAugust 23rd – Sept. 5th ~ Family Week50/50 DrawsThe seasonal committee are once again selling weekly 50/50 tickets with proceeds going to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Sellers will be around the campground on both Friday and Saturday nights with the winning number being posted at the security booth Saturday evenings at approx. 9:30pm.Want to Win Your Lot Fee?Be sure to purchase your ticket(s) for your chance to win the (max) equalivant of your current lot fee on July 31st. Any remaining monies will then be advanced to the Aug 31st draw and another winner has the potential to win the monies for their 2016 lot fee. $10 tickets are available either through Anne Lune (Site #269), Cindy Deacon (Site #194C) or at the Security Booth. Applicable to current seasonal campers onlyOffice Hours ~ 9am – 9pm Ships Store ~ 8am – 11pm Dairy Bar & Take Out ~ 11am – 10pmSunday Breakfast Buffets ~ 8am – 12 noon weekly till Sept 6th Rec Program ~ Monday – Saturday 9am – 1pm – Crafts & Games in Rec HallFamily Activities~ Daily @ 6pm – Hayrides~ Monday – Saturday @ 7pm – Flag Football @ 9pm – Flashllight Tag ~ Tuesday’s @ 7pm – Water Play @ 8pm – Ball Hockey @ 9pm – Laser Tag~ Wednesday’s @ 7:30pm – Chocolate Bar Bingo~ Thursday’s @ 7pm – Grounders @ 8pm – Ball Hockey @ 9pm – Scavenger Hunt~ Friday’s @ 7pm – Flag Football @ 8pm – Ball Hockey @ 9pm – Laser Tag~ Saturday’s @ 7pm Water Games @ 8pm – All ages dance @ Rec Hall Adult EventsThursday’s @ 8:30pm ~ Karaoke in Galley RestaurantFriday’s @ 8pm ~ Card Games (Texas Hold ‘Em, Crib, Auction, 45’s, Gin Rummy)Be sure to watch for more information on our upcoming ‘Vendor Day’s’, Barry King, Fantasy RV Tours, Grand Daddies of Rock n’ Roll, and much more! Please note that children ARE PROHIBITED BY LAW to be driving any type of motorized/ electric vehicle as it is an illegal offence under the Highway Safety Act.This includes but is not limited to Golf Carts, dirt bikes/ bikes, electric scooters or four-wheelers.Also note that children should not be riding on their parent’s or guardian’s laps in and around the campground. This is very important for the safety of your children, as well as other campers.A very important reminder that it is the law on PEI to wear a helmet while riding bikes, scooters, etc., this applies to both adults and children. Set the example for all guests and children staying with us throughout the summer, and keep everyone safeHow To Reach Us Security: 963-2352 x 4 Ships Store: 963-2352 x 3 Office: 963-2352 Dairy Bar: 963-2352 x 1Toll-Free 1-800-665-2352Campground Email Address: Mailing Address: RR#1 Hunter River, PE C0A 1N0Physical Address: 7406 Rte. 13, Cavendish PE