We are opening on may 25 but you can set up your trailer this Saturday23 or Sunday 24

We are opening on may 25  ,Dianne and Lisa will be back in the main office on Monday 25  the office is open from 9 am till 9 pmstore and take out will be opening on June 15The sites are drying up  very good during this last week  there  have been  a lot of people asking if they can  set up there trailers  before we are  officially open ; yes you can set up your trailer this Saturday 23 or Sunday 24 but please make sure  that your site is not too wet before you set up  and please be careful if you have to drive on another site; as some sites may look dry ( green grass etc) but are actually quite wet still.

” 2015 Seasonal Payment…the red amount is the balance  due,which includes 100.00 deposit taken off.

   site  payment make in full  before June 7 2015  payment  make in full before July 1 2015  3 post-date cheques  date for  June 15, July 15. Aug 15
2 way site  $1410.- $1507.40 $1450.- $1553.- $492.- $527.55
3 way 30 amp $1680.- $1815.20 $1750.- $1895.20 $592.- $641.55
3 way 50 amp $1748.- $1892.72 $1825.-$1980.50 $617.- $670.05

 Any payment  arrangements have to be made prior to  July 1 ..……we will  not accept installments after that date …. we will only accept  payment in full .There will be a late charge of $50,-   after July 15 2015 Any payment received after Aug 15 an additional charge  of $150,- will be applied .