Update for opening for the 2015 seasonUpdate for opening for the 2015 season

hi all

Hope everyone winter well  and is excite about 2015 camping season

For the people that don’t live on the p.e.i  we had record snow fall this winter and very late in the season we even had snow on  April 28 2015

The last week the weather is bin great we had some great days with double numbers  …that what we need ……. the snow is slowly leaving the grounds   but there is still snow in the park and frost in the ground  there are area that the frost seem to be going but still very wet …..

We are still planning  and very hopeful that we will   be opening   as plant  on May 25 2015

( but have to take it day by day if we can let trailers be setting up the long weekend  it doesn’t lock like it but some sun and rain can chance a lot we will post it on face book and one the website when ever we think it is a go  )

p.s ; Everyone how want to check on there trailer or take a walk in the park  is always welcome to do so  but please  don’t drive in to the park , park by the barn or in our drive way .

Hope to see everyone soon ,

Jan Harmen & Hennie  Hoekstra